4 reasons you should be investing in solar power this year

Have you been working on 2022 new year’s resolutions? We’ve got the perfect one to add to your list: switch to solar-generated energy to save on expenses and increase the value of your home. Here at Solar Man SA, we are passionate about going green for a cleaner planet. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 of the most important reasons for you to go solar in 2022.

Solar solutions are a major money-saver
Once you’ve installed a solar system in your home, the days of paying electricity bills are over! With a complete system, your property can go completely off the grid, saving you the monthly expense of running your electric appliances – a perk that can’t be provided by petrol-generated electricity or other alternatives.

The reliability of solar power is unmatched
With most people’s work environments having been shifted to part-time or full-time working from home, the unreliability of South African electricity often causes unnecessary stress.

Rooftop solar panels help to ensure that your computers and internet can be used at any time of the day. This doesn’t mean just when the sun shines! With solar battery storage, Solar Man can ensure that you have reliable power whenever it is needed.

Solar power is customisable to your needs
The size of a solar power system is carefully calculated according to your home’s energy usage. This means that you are never paying for more than what is necessary, while also ensuring that your power generation and output are as efficient as possible.

Doing your part for the environment
The only energy used by the solar power industry is for system production and installation. Apart from that, these systems only produce electricity.

Together with all its other benefits, solar power plays a great part in the world’s energy conservation mission by reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power generating.

Solar Man aims to contribute to that positive mission by making solar power more accessible, and the only step left is for you to make the life-changing, world-changing choice of going solar – for good.

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