Solar Man SA - Store Interior. Solar Panel Suppliers.

Solar Man SA specializes in supplying the best and most affordable solar solutions and turnkeys. Solar Man Group is the leading direct importer & exporter.

Solar Man SA is a reliable and professional quality wholesaler. By far the biggest Solar warehouse selling to public, re-sellers as well as installers ETC.

We offer full designing, supply and installation / related, as well as delivery and also exporting and importing.

Call us today on 0716908022 / 0716908031 / 0128091525 to start saving on your electricity bills! The sooner the better!

Solar Man SA - Storefront Exterior.

Solar Man makes solar solutions the most affordable, most effective, as well as extra sustainable, and relatively easy installation! Come check our store which is totally off grid, monitoring and systems management incl! (With generator backup, used very little). Solar Man SA is your answer to an all in one solar solution retailer with more than 2 decades of experience!! Good pricing, best quality, best service, to fit your requirements!

We are open weekdays, Saturdays as well as most public holidays during the whole year.

There are various live systems on display in store. Upgrade your lifestyle today and add value to your property with great returns!


Call us today on 0716908022 / 0716908031 / 0128091525 to get going with Solar.

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