Avoid Eskom’s Load Shedding, Poor Service and High Prices!

South Africa’s big electric utility Eskom is known for bad service and even higher prices. With winter hitting and energy use skyrocketing, there is more strain on the electric grid than usual, and this is where Eskom’s weaknesses show the most. The utility company’s mismanagement and high tariffs for electricity are leaving many customers looking for another way, and with solar many are finding their way out.

Energy That Never Quits
Solar can be your around-the-clock energy, even in the winter. Your rooftop solar energy system can power you through the coldest nights, with energy stored in batteries that deliver energy 24/7. Unlike Eskom’s unpredictable load shedding that cuts your energy off, sometimes without warning, solar is always there so long as your batteries have watts stored.

Clean, Affordable Energy
Solar is the perfect alternative energy solution, and the best part is that most people end up paying less each month than with traditional energy. You will be saving money every month on your energy use and have uninterrupted energy whenever you need it. And unlike your energy bill from Eskom, your solar bills will stop once your system is paid in full. You can reduce or even eliminate completely your energy bill every month.

Eskom’s Rising Tariffs
High tariffs for electricity are beyond your control with Eskom. The price you pay for energy can go up without warning and you’re stuck paying that bill for as long as you live in their service territory. Going solar gives you the freedom to get your energy all on your own, independent from whatever is happening with Eskom’s prices.

Lock in Solar and Say Goodbye to Load Shedding
Take your energy into your own hands and leave Eskom’s load shedding behind. Your rooftop solar panels can deliver all the energy you need at a cost that they just can’t beat. With the right solar battery storage and a custom installation from the experts at Solar Man SA, you can be on your way to generating all the energy you need right at home, at a price that’s right for you.

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