Be Prepared For Worse Loadshedding!

South African And Citizens Prepare For Worse Load Shedding Come 2023.

It is an unprecedented experience for South Africans and citizens as Eskom’s national transmission grid barely struggles to provide the residents and business owners with energy. To mitigate the inadequate supply and prevent a nationwide shutdown, Eskom has taken to an increased load shedding, translating into regular blackouts and power outages.

While this has been a persistent problem over the years, it has never been as bad as it is. Data over the past three years reveal the worsening of the situation with a downward spiral as each year passes. Experts predict more severe levels of load shedding heralding in 2023. According to data, the electricity cut in the first six months of 2022 is 90% more than the whole load shared for 2021.

This is a grim reality for residents and business owners who need to fulfil necessities and obligations needing electricity. The horror of the increased load shedding will be felt across the length and breadth of the nation, raking up physical, commercial, and even economic distress.

A stitch in time: Preparations Underway.

One can go on and on, emphasizing all the losses that follow this load-shedding increase. However, the big question is how citizens are willing to adjust in the face of this normal and adopt an alternative and a long-lasting solution. For years, there has been a clamour to switch to other natural sources, specifically solar energy.

With the current dire situation, it is a pressing need for individuals who wish to sustain their business and personal affairs without being crippled by the persistent load shedding. Solar power, as provided by Solar Man SA, is a viable solution to stay afloat and safe from sinking back into the dark ages.

From all indications, South Africa is a favourable candidate for solar installations, as areas can get up to seven hours of sunlight. Moreso, with the rising cost of diesel and considering the harmful effects of generations, all roads lead to sustainable solar power. Not only is reliable energy guaranteed but also an assurance of cost efficiency.

The case of migrating to solar power before things hit rock bottom is a case of making hay while the sun still shines. It is time for citizens to take charge and salvage the situation. To get started with Solar Man SA, click here to find out how to get started.