Benefits of Solar Water Pumps

There are various benefits of our affordable solar water pumping systems sold at Solar Man SA. Our pumping kits are extremely cost effective and have a very long lifespan of up to twenty years. No more begging for basic services such as water from the municipalities! Let Solar Man SA design and configure your solar pump for your requirements.

With our Solar Pumps there is only a once off expense, so you start saving from the start! Even if the power is off you will still have water. Thus, a secure source of life-giving water supply, for more than only consumption! Fitting not only in South African contexts. One of the best investments ever, especially in the current water crises as well as harsh South African farming contexts and wide ranges of applications.

No more fuel related expenses to power your pump or incur any ongoing energy costs. Not even any operating costs. Solar Man Group pumps, just like all our other products, are extra rugged and super durable, super-efficient and are even sometimes portable. These products pay for themselves in a few months. Not only on the savings in fuel and effort but also energy!

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