Solar Battery Storage

The Solar Battery Storage BMS is applied to monitor current, voltage, temperature, protection against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-temperature, under-temperature and short circuit. The BMS provides cell balancing and current limitation during charging process to ensure a reliable safety and performance. 4KW available. …

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Backup Power System

These various multi purposed, professional pure DC Backup Power Solutions are utilized in order to successfully and totally counter the crippling public power outages which can cause irreparable damage to numerous appliances, server failures and data losses, just to mention a few. …

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Looking for Gel Batteries?

At Solar Man SA we offer a wide selection of Gel Batteries. Visit our store to find out more. The SCHUBART AGM GEL batteries are designed with 12+ years service life. The SOLID-GEL system can avoid corrosion and stratification. The special separator can …

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