Eskom downfall over whether to split Eskom into three parts was urgent as a decision was needed in the next month, public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan told business leaders on Wednesday. The comments indicate the speed with which government …

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Eskom ongoing never ending chaos Eskom’s balance sheet has been providing a subsidy to consumers over many years, but this is not sustainable anymore and has reached a breaking point, the state-owned power utility said on Monday evening. Eskom continues to share the …

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Eskom chaos

TOWN — I’m no energy boffin but reading this latest distressing report on Eskom begs the question of why and how you have to repair not one, but two coal powered plants – while they’re under construction. Even the CEO can’t …

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Eskom mess

Eskom ongoing crises

How to deal with Eskom’s ever-rising electricity tariffs (iStock) RELATED ARTICLES Eskom cannot offload the cost of its problems on consumers – energy regulator Eskom heads deeper into financial crisis with record loss ‘Find it in your heart, Eskom’ – …

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Eskom total shutdown Eskom total shutdown. Solar pretoria, solar pretoria, solar pretoria, solar pretoria,sol pta, sol pta, sol pta

Eskom blames others

source Eskom blames coal supply shortfall on contracts ending, lack of investment ANA The parastatal’s general manager says the country is also suffering from a ‘disruption’ from the renewable energy sector, among other factors. State-owned electricity utility Eskom is grappling …

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Tariff increases

eskokom total shutdown, eskom total shutdown edkom total shutdown, eskom total shutdown, eskom total shutdownJOHANNESBURG – Eskom is struggling under a massive debt of over R400-billion. The power utility has applied for a 15 percent tariff increase over the next three years. …

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