Going Solar

At Solar Man SA we have top-class approved innovative solar products to assist you in Going Solar. Through converting direct dc power sources to LOW energy quality and optimized products you can be totally off grid and can eradicate any nightmares related to utility bills and carbon footprints.

At Solar Man SA we supply great quality solar solutions needed to run ENERGY SAVING- EFFICIENT power.

Solar Man SA offers various types of inverters (sinus golf/pure). Normal (straight) inverters without battery chargers as well as ones with built-in patented intelligent sinus W battery chargers.

Contact us now 0716908022 / 0716908031 / 0128091525 in order for us to establish which inverter and which size battery charger can be advised to assist you in Going Solar.

All our solar products can be viewed and purchased in store, we believe products need to be advised according to a clients specific requirements, which ALL actually differs.

Going Solar? Contact Solar Man SA now!

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