Is My House Suitable for Solar Panels?

6 things to consider about your house when going solar

Are you planning to go solar? Then you’re at the right place! Solar Man can help you get the right solar energy system that is tailored for your home. Now, as easy as it may sound there are a few things you have to consider before just buying your solar system. The most important – is your home suitable to go solar?

Think about your home; do you have a tile roof or corrugated roof? Do you have a single storey or double storey house? Are there loads of trees around your house that offer shading? Every home is different and has different needs. Most South African homes are built with a pitched roof, however nowadays with all the new building styles out there it can be more difficult to know for sure if your solar panels will generate sufficient energy for your home requirements. Even a home that does not have the ideal roof can get the ideal solution for solar panels.

Here are a few things that can affect solar panel eligibility for your roof.

1. Roof orientation:
What direction is your home facing? Or more specifically your roof? Is it facing an ideal orientation for a solar panel system? Obviously the more sun your solar panels are receiving the more energy can be generated. Luckily this does not rule out the eligibility for your house and a solar power system. Morning and evening sun plays a role and we tailor the best solution for your home. Interesting fact, NORTH facing is the best option in the southern hemisphere.

2. Roof Shading / Shade / Overpopulation
Although you might love the trees around your home providing shade in the warmer days, it can influence your solar energy production. Solar panels will still generate electricity in the shade but obviously the effectiveness and amount of electricity generated will be affected and a lot less than the optimal capacity of the system. It will be more advisable to have raised solar panels or alternative solutions where your house is situated in the shade, covered by trees or other buildings casting shadows over prolonged times. With a tailored quote we will be looking at all the outside influences affecting your solar system.

3. Roof pitch
Have you ever considered how the slope of your roof (or the lack thereof) will affect your choice of solar solution? It doesn’t matter if you live in a house, on a farm or in a villa. Sloping and flat roofs are viable options for solar panels. We will assess and find the optimal angle for your roof’s pitch and match to get the most effective electricity generation. Just remember – if your roof is not the ideal location we can also look towards your garage, extensions, or sheds.

4. Roof Material
Remember earlier when we said you should think about your house… Yes, the materials of which your roof is made off plays a role in the cost of installing your solar panels. Tiled and corrugated roofs have a more simplistic installation which can lead to lower costs of installation. We unfortunately can not add solar panels on: thatch roofs, roofs containing asbestos or glass roofs. However, we can look at alternative options like ground mounted installations.

5. Roof condition
Obviously we would prefer to work on a sound roof seeing as your solar system is not something that you will be removing or changing yearly. Preferably you would not want to put this over holes or leaks. Best practice is to tackle your roof and any possible problems before installing your solar system. Due to solar panels having a lifespan of several decades, you want to be certain that your roof is in the best condition possible.

6. Roof Size
You must be sure that your roof is large enough for solar panels and for the system you require to suit your needs. Always remember that skylights, chimneys, roof vents and other things can affect the size of the possible area on your roof. Important to note, if your home’s roof does not check all the points mentioned above it does not mean that you can’t convert to solar. With our expert solar technicians we’ll be able to assist with a solar system tailored to your house with the necessary alternatives..

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