Is There A Downside To Having Solar?

If you are like many people, you’ve probably heard about solar energy and why everyone should go solar. From reduced electricity bills to saving the planet and longevity with little maintenance, solar power boasts an impressive array of benefits. However, not much is talked about the downsides of solar. Here are a few drawbacks you should know about having solar.

High initial costs
While solar power can help reduce your energy bill, the initial costs are on the high side. Rooftop solar panels are a significant investment that can cost several thousands of Rands. The costs will cover solar panels, inverter, mounting hardware and wiring, installation, permits, labour, etc. Fortunately, solar financing options are available to help people who want to go solar but can’t afford its initial high costs.

Weather dependence
Solar power relies on sunlight availability, which is not constant for the following reasons:

  • The sun does not shine at night
  • The intensity of the sun varies based on time of the year, time of the day and location
  • Clouds can affect the collection of solar energy

Due to these factors, solar panels may not be able to produce electricity at optimum efficiency. This is a major point in the generator vs. solar debate, but battery storage technology has advanced in recent years to allow for energy storage when sunlight is unavailable.

Doesn’t work on every roof
Another challenge is that some roofs do not support the mounting of panels. Some properties have rooftop additions like skylights and roof decks, making installation difficult. Other times, the problem is with the roof material, as cedar tiles or slates can be hard for installers to work on. You can opt for ground-mounted panels if your roof is unsuitable for rooftop panels.

Difficult to move once installed
Should you decide to move to another property or relocate out of town, it’s nearly impossible to transport your solar power system with you. Theoretically, you can choose to take it with you, but that will mean detaching it from the roof and retrofitting it to your new property. This may lead to significant damage to the panels and your roof. On the positive side, solar power can increase your property value during the sale.

As you probably noticed, solar power has its disadvantages but can all be managed, making it a worthwhile investment. If you want to go solar, contact us at Solar Man SA by clicking the button below