Below are the various solar solutions available from Solar Man SA.


When you make the choice of Going Solar make sure you contact Solar Man SA 0716908022 / 0716908031. They offer various Solar Powered solutions to allow you to easily move over to using renewable energy.
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As seen here backup power systems can easily be applied in various contexts not only housing. Solar Man Group sells tailor-made systems consisting out of various products to choose from in order to combat inconvenient and costly electrical bills and loadshedding.
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As seen here, a grid tied solar power system can be applied in various contexts, not only housing and is one of the easiest self-consumptive systems, but with restrictions. Grid tied systems are very convenient with the least after sales care and can reduce your electric bills.
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All our solar pumps are maintenance free, different voltages and are fitting for your specific requirements. Our pumping systems are very easy DIY! Please be vigilant there are lots of pumps out there, we specialize in only the best for your needs!
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Our Solar geysers optimal breakthrough technology offer the utmost cost-effectiveness. They are ideal 4 use on farms as well as smallholdings where the water pressure is below 1 bar (100 kPa).
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