Backup Power System



As seen here backup power systems can easily be applied in various contexts not only housing. Solar Man Group sells tailor-made systems consisting out of various products to choose from in order to combat inconvenient and costly electrical bills and load-shedding.

These various multi purposed, professional pure DC Backup Power Solutions are utilized in order to successfully and totally counter the crippling public power outages which can cause irreparable damage to numerous appliances, server failures and data losses, just to mention a few.

When a client is dependent on grid power in their daily lives this can have adverse effects on abilities to conduct daily business and in turn effect turnovers which could cause considerable inconvenience longterm. Backup Power Solutions supplies the client with an additional source of extremely efficient power when the grid goes down. Get the best 220 AC volts delivery, as well as LOW load demand starter standbys inlc 100 % sustainably only from Solar Man!

With this specific option the battery bank is kept fully charged by the grid using a special inverter. The backup power stored (BPS) in the battery bank of batteries as well as the power consumed determines the period that the specific backup power will last. Normally these special-inverter chargers have special automatic change overs that promptly switch over to the battery backup when the grid crashes. After usage the battery will switch off for safety protection and will then start charging again.

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