Solar Geysers


When you are looking for cost effective, quality solar geysers you can be sure to find what you are looking for at Solar Man SA!


With the range solar geysers you can be independent of the usual power suppliers, meaning 80 - 100 % saving from the start as well as immediate payoffs, and roughly 25 years of expectancy.

Please contact us to specifically see which type of system will work best for your specific situation. We offer low pressured as well as high pressured products, making installations a breeze.

Our Solar geysers optimal breakthrough technology offer utmost cost effectiveness. They are ideal 4 use on farms as well as small holdings where the water pressure is below 1 bar (100 kPa). With these complete kits and solutions, elements usually do not need replacement, most often it gets successfully and sustainably replaced by the suns heat.

Complete units come with a geyser tank, evacuated tubes and stand. Just assemble and connect piping. These Solar Man types can be used on high pressure as well, via Lacto valves! Normally standard elements can be connected if necessary. The manifold system fits on an existing (in-roof) geyser tank and usually has a specialized SM 12/24 volt solar powered circulation pump DC solar panel(s) that drives the pump. Solar Man systems does not incl glycol. Our tanker controllers can be used to control water temperature in tanks.

No need to change any existing geyser! Solar Man has various high-pressure systems expansion ranges as well, where an existing geyser can be used to store warm water, up to 150 degrees. Low pressure related arrangements can be made as well, if context fits.

Contact us today for more very interesting insights in order to start your electricity savings! These Solar Man systems are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use.

Our solar geysers are free from pollutions. You can save from 75 percent and up to 100 % on total heating costs of household energy consumption, depending on the matched elements, as mentioned.

This is a great place to start cutting down on energy consumption, saving water and your solar geyser can pay for itself within about two to 18 months. Sizes varies from 100 litres to 200 litres or more.

These complete systems typically reach temperatures of roughly 70 to 90 degrees Celsius. Thus, supply enough hot water, even at night as well as relatively early mornings.

For information and pricing regarding solar geysers contact us now. Our kits are easy to install!