Solar Panel Theft on the Rise Amid Growing Black Market

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Protect Your Investment! The rapid expansion of the solar industry has brought countless benefits, from reduced carbon footprints to energy cost savings. However, with the surge in popularity, a concerning issue has emerged: the escalation of solar panel theft. As the black market for stolen solar panels continues to grow, it is crucial for consumers to remain vigilant and choose …

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Survey Finds Home Buyers Keener on Homes with Green Features


South Africa has been grappling with loadshedding continuously for more than a year. These disruptions have significantly impacted the daily lives of South Africans, prompting a significant shift in home buyers’ preferences. In a recent survey conducted by Pam Golding Properties, it was revealed that 35% of home buyers in South Africa are now prioritizing green features, particularly solar power …

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Be Prepared For Worse Loadshedding!

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South African And Citizens Prepare For Worse Load Shedding Come 2023. It is an unprecedented experience for South Africans and citizens as Eskom’s national transmission grid barely struggles to provide the residents and business owners with energy. To mitigate the inadequate supply and prevent a nationwide shutdown, Eskom has taken to an increased load shedding, translating into regular blackouts and …

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What To Know Before Buying A Solar Power System

Load shedding can be frustrating for any household. As South Africa’s energy crisis continues to linger, many households are considering a switch to solar power to reduce their reliance on Eskom’s power generation plants. If you’re also thinking of buying a solar system, there are a few things you need to know before you commit to making a purchase. 1. …

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Winter is Coming – And We All Know What That Means

Roof Panels

Winter is here, and we know what that means – excess demand for electricity will cause load-shedding. You definitely don’t want to stay without power. If you are worried about a way to have great nights in the cold, solar power will make an excellent way to go. In this article, we will discuss solar’s efficiency in the cold and …

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How Often Do You Need to Replace Your Solar Panels?

So by now you are aware that load shedding is once again with most South African households… and worst of all its here to stay! Considering going solar? When you consider an investment in your home like going solar, it’s important to know what it will take to maintain your solar energy system and how long you can expect it …

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Anger mounts as Zimbabwe faces worst power cuts in 3 years

Harare – Zimbabwe’s state power utility imposed the worst rolling blackouts in three years on Monday, with households and industries including mines set to be without electricity for up to eight hours daily. The power cuts are bound to stoke mounting public anger against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government as Zimbabweans grapple with an economic crisis that has seen shortages of …

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Zimbabwe starts load shedding as drought hits Kariba Dam power station

Zimbabwe started implementing load shedding on Monday, after the government announced it was facing critical power shortfalls and had to introduce rotational power cuts in order to “balance the power supply available and the demand” Power utility supplier the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission & Distribution Company (ZETDC) last week said it had been forced to cut power generation at its Kariba …

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Eskom: The abyss just gets deeper

NEWS ANALYSIS In late February, the 20th to be precise, Finance Minister Tito Mboweni detailed in his budget how R23-billion would be made available for the next three years so that Eskom could get its financial and operational affairs in order. The announcement was generally welcomed as what was expected was a huge bailout of say R100-billion to move some …

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