Renewable Energy

Survey Finds Home Buyers Keener on Homes with Green Features


South Africa has been grappling with loadshedding continuously for more than a year. These disruptions have significantly impacted the daily lives of South Africans, prompting a significant shift in home buyers’ preferences. In a recent survey conducted by Pam Golding Properties, it was revealed that 35% of home buyers in South Africa are now prioritizing green features, particularly solar power …

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Hybrid Inverters

A Hybrid inverter is very adaptable. It allows you to have backup power like an off-grid inverter. In use, a hybrid inverter syncs with your main power supply. During the day it can use solar power. This gives you a cost saving. Batteries are used the add to power usage in the evenings. It also gives you the advantages of a grid-tied inverter. An …

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SA to consult Eskom debt holders on reorganisation

South Africa’s government is intent on ensuring embattled state power company Eskom becomes a sustainable entity and will consult with its debt holders on any reorganisation, public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan said. “I think the market understands that we are going to run a fair process,” Gordhan said in an interview with Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum on …

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Eskom’s debt reaches new heights

The Joint Appropriations and Public Enterprises Committees are set to discuss Special Appropriations Bill of the power utility, aiming to give Eskom R59 billion in the next two years. Mabuza further elaborates that the tariff increases are not cost-reflective as operation costs are at a staggering R151 billion, which further indicates a 30% increase. Gordhan predicts Eskom would have been …

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7 things that could see load shedding return in the next few months

Eskom has called on consumers to save energy over the summer period as the risk of load shedding remains. The power utility warned that its power system “remains tight and vulnerable” because of increased maintenance. The group has also seen increasing cases of vandalism on its equipment, while illegal connections are increasing, chief operating officer Jan Oberholzer said on Wednesday …

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It just became much easier for businesses to move off Eskom’s grid – here’s why

This week, it became much easier for South African businesses, malls and factories to get approval for their small-scale embedded generation (SSEG) renewable energy projects. Business Day reported that Minister of Energy Jeff Radebe gave the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) leave to licence 500 Mega Watts (MW) for SSEG projects, sized between 1MW and 10MW, without him …

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