Solar Batteries

Are Solar Batteries Worth the Investment?

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Installing rooftop solar for your home can offer you energy that’s clean, renewable, and in most cases, more affordable than your current monthly electric bill. Going solar with rooftop solar panels is also flexible, allowing you to install as much or as little as you need. And when you add solar battery storage, that flexibility and reliability increase exponentially. How …

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Making An Impact: Does Solar Really Help the Environment?

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If one of the reasons you’re considering going solar for your home energy needs, you might be wondering just how environmentally friendly is it? It’s known for producing zero emissions as a clean, renewable and sustainable form of energy, which compared to combustible fuel alternatives certainly seems to give it the upper hand. But are the hidden factors that could …

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Looking for Gel Batteries?

We can help. Visit our store for a wide selection of Gel Batteries. The SCHUBART AGM GEL batteries are designed with 12+ years service life. The SOLID-GEL system can avoid corrosion and stratification. The special separator can properly prevent short-circuit. It can offer high deep discharge ability, super thermal stability, good recoveryability after deep discharging. The deep discharge cycles of AGM-GEL batteries can be more …

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