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What’s in Your Solar Warranty – And What Should Be?

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When you’re investing in going solar for your home, you will get to know about all the different parts of a solar energy system. From panels to inverters, solar batteries and even mounting gear, there are options for all elements. But there is one part of your system that could play a bigger role in how satisfied you are with …

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Maximizing Your Solar Energy Generation at Home

Your solar energy system works by taking energy from the sun and converting it to energy your home can use. With quality parts and experienced installers, like the technicians and electricians at Solar Man SA, your system should need little maintenance to keep it running its best. But there are some things to watch out for that may contribute to …

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Don’t Make These 4 Costly Mistakes When Going Solar for Your Home

Going solar isn’t a complicated process, but there are some common pitfalls we see customers fall into before they find us. Here’s some things to avoid when you’re beginning the process of going solar, and how to make sure your solar energy system is installed without any mistakes! MISTAKE #1: NOT HAVING A PLAN Not having a good plan for …

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