Solar Power System

Survey Finds Home Buyers Keener on Homes with Green Features


South Africa has been grappling with loadshedding continuously for more than a year. These disruptions have significantly impacted the daily lives of South Africans, prompting a significant shift in home buyers’ preferences. In a recent survey conducted by Pam Golding Properties, it was revealed that 35% of home buyers in South Africa are now prioritizing green features, particularly solar power …

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What To Know Before Buying A Solar Power System

Load shedding can be frustrating for any household. As South Africa’s energy crisis continues to linger, many households are considering a switch to solar power to reduce their reliance on Eskom’s power generation plants. If you’re also thinking of buying a solar system, there are a few things you need to know before you commit to making a purchase. 1. …

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4 reasons you should be investing in solar power this year


Have you been working on 2022 new year’s resolutions? We’ve got the perfect one to add to your list: switch to solar-generated energy to save on expenses and increase the value of your home. Here at Solar Man SA, we are passionate about going green for a cleaner planet. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 of the most important reasons for …

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Does Winter in South Africa Affect My Solar Output?

Winter for South Africa is just around the corner, and if you’ve been generating solar energy from panels on your rooftop, you might be wondering how the change in weather will affect your output. With shorter days, and less sun in general, your panels will generate less energy but there are some things you can do proactively to reduce this …

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