What Are The Types Of Solar Energy?

How Can You Use Them In Your Home?
Every second, the sun provides enough energy to meet Earth’s requirements for 500,000 years. In one hour, enough energy reaches the earth to power all of society for a year. The Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel and the Solar Thermal Panel are the two most common types of solar panels. Although the scientific context may be complex, distinguishing between these two technologies is very easy. Read on to learn more about these two types and how to use them in your home.

Solar Photovoltaic Panel and Solar Thermal
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels create electricity, while solar thermal is used for heating water or air.

Let’s discuss more closely how both work.

How Do Photovoltaic Panels Work?
The photovoltaic system converts solar energy into electricity during the day as sun rays strike the surface. As an individual or business owner, installing solar panels on your roof can supply power for daily needs and manage load shedding. Solar panels can power all appliances, including fans, machines, computers, and other high-powered equipment. The working principle is pretty straightforward. When light strikes the semiconductor material, it kicks off an atomic reaction that produces electricity.

How Does Solar Thermal Work?
Solar collectors receive heat from the sun’s rays and transmit it to a fluid, commonly water and glycol. In the winter, this mixture works to keep water from freezing. The heated fluid is transferred to the heat exchanger and returned to the collectors after releasing the heat. The solar collector, insulated pipe, and hot water storage tank are the three essential components of the system, which may be placed in commercial environments like warehouses to minimize utility expenditures.

Why Should I Use Solar PV?
Solar photovoltaic panels are common among businesses and house owners because it is unique, renewable, and significantly reduce pollution. Compared with grid electricity, it is budget-friendly and requires less maintenance. It would make an excellent way to get over power downtime and electric load shedding. Our team at Solar Man will be happy to recommend the best fit for your energy requirements.

Why Should I Use Solar Thermal?
Solar thermal energy Reduces energy costs and saves money. It reduces carbon emissions and is less expensive. Apart from that, its maintenance costs are modest. We will be glad at Solar Mans to suggest the best solution for your budget.

Can I Combine Both Solar Photovoltaic And Solar Thermal?
Absolutely, yes. We can make a hybrid installation of solar thermal and photovoltaic energy. Combining both systems would mean an improved energy supply and conservation of your space.

Wrap Up
Solar photovoltaic panels and solar thermal are two solar options you can install in your home and business. Solar Man is open to reviewing the power needs in your space and recommending which would serve better. Apart from enjoying an uninterrupted power supply, going solar will lower carbon emissions and reduce global warming. Solar power is becoming more efficient by the day.

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