What’s in Your Solar Warranty – And What Should Be?

When you’re investing in going solar for your home, you will get to know about all the different parts of a solar energy system. From panels to inverters, solar batteries and even mounting gear, there are options for all elements. But there is one part of your system that could play a bigger role in how satisfied you are with your rooftop solar – and that’s the warranties that come with it.

Solar Panel Warranties
There are two elements of a solar panel warranty to look at. There’s a performance warranty that can guarantee production over a certain number of years, as solar panel efficiency generally diminishes slowly over time. Like 90% production after 10 years, or 80% by 25 years. And then there’s a product warranty that insures against the physical integrity of the panel construction itself. This can come into use for manufacturing defects, wear and tear above and beyond the norm, and even environmental issues.

For most, solar panels perform without issue for decades, but a good product that will serve you well should come with good warranties that keep you covered.

Solar Inverter Warranties
Inverters don’t have a lifespan as long as solar panels, requiring replacement at least once over the span of your system. Product warranties that cover your inverter usually go from 5 to 10 years, although there are some that offer warranties as long as 25 years.

Solar Battery Warranties
Like solar panels, solar batteries’ ability to store energy diminishes over time. There are also two parts to solar battery warranty offers: Cycles and Throughput. Cycles refers to the amount of times a battery can charge and deplete before its ability to store energy diminishes below the specified threshold. Cycle warranties vary by size of battery, so throughput is also necessary to consider. Throughput refers to the amount of solar energy that goes to and from your battery. A good throughput warranty is generally around 20MWh.

These warranties protect you against breakage or failure and are the hallmark of a reliable product. If the solar energy system equipment you’re looking at doesn’t have a warranty, that can be a big warning sign.

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