Winter is Coming – And We All Know What That Means

Winter is here, and we know what that means – excess demand for electricity will cause load-shedding. You definitely don’t want to stay without power. If you are worried about a way to have great nights in the cold, solar power will make an excellent way to go. In this article, we will discuss solar’s efficiency in the cold and the differences it could make.

Is Solar Power Efficient in Winter?
You’ve probably heard that solar panel draws power from the sun’s heat. That’s a lie of the century! Sunlight and not heat powers solar panels. Even in cold weather, your solar panel will still absorb sufficient energy from the sun. If there will be a power decline in winter, it will be only when there are shorter daylight hours. But, that sure will not be every day.

Why You Should Go Solar In Winter

1. It is Renewable
Solar energy is renewable. No matter how many solar panels you have, there will always be enough energy to draw from the sun’s abundant light. Solar energy is not only renewable. It is also a clean source of energy. Your solar panel will not emit any greenhouse gases throughout its lifespan.

2. Solar Energy is Limitless
Big thanks to nature for the limitless supply of solar energy. The sun provides more energy than we can ever need. No matter the gallons of fuel in your generator, it is only a matter of time before they are exhausted. On the other hand, sunlight cannot be exhausted.

3. No Fuel to Burn
Another fantastic feature of solar power with long-term benefits is no fuel to burn. That removes the uncertainty of power supply when there’s fuel scarcity. Suppose there is a ban on movement. While others find it rough with loadshedding, your solar panel will remain a sure plug.

4. Minimal Running Cost
Solar is a naturally-occurring energy source. You won’t be paying any subscription. Except for basic maintenance and occasional battery change, you have nothing more to spend on. Had it relied on fossil fuels, you can expect to insure more expenses on fueling and frequent maintenance.

You can’t stop winter. However, solar power can help you ride the weather better. It is dependable, renewable, limitless, and relatively cheaper to run. If you wonder how to ride load-shedding during winter, solar will make a way to go. Our experts at Solar Man will be glad to help you get started.