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In Light Of The Increased Load Shedding, There Is No Better Time To Obtain Solar Power Than Now!

South Africa is battling a menace of nationwide load shedding and a new record of load shedding levels, with over 100 days of load shedding in 2022. The inability of the power grid to generate a supply sufficient to serve the population puts the population at a grave disadvantage.

People in South Africa will have to endure— for a long time— a lingering load shedding, bearing the brunt of an irregular power supply and blackouts, with experts predicting that this will go on for 18 months or more.

What Is At Stake?

The reality of lack of electricity poses a major hindrance to productivity as homeowners are unable to run and manage their affairs as they are unable to complete basic tasks. It is worse for businesses as the inability to run appliances as at due may result in business downtime and culminate into significant losses. Other damning effects of this situation extend into security threats and theft due to blackouts, impeded communication via mobile devices, and downtime of utilities like ATMs and train stations.

Why Solar Power Is A Promising Way Out

Solar Man SA facilitates harnessing natural energy sources to obtain sustainable and environmentally friendly energy sources. Solar power, compared to the use of generators, is a safer option as one does not have to contend with environmental pollution and similar hazards that spring from using carbon-emitting generators. Another highlight of solar power is longevity, as users enjoy enormous benefits of reliability and cost-effectiveness.

There is no indication that the situation will improve soon, with reports of load shedding lasting until 2027. South African residents and business owners must seek alternative means to manage the situation as there seem to be no plans for improving power generation capacity. If you have been contemplating switching to solar power to save yourself the hassles of power outages, now is the right time.

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